8 Reasons Why View-through Attribution Should be Working for You

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Advertisers recognize the power of display advertising, but still struggle with transparency and performance measurement. Some marketers still doubt the value of view-through attribution or lack the ability to accurately measure it. As a result, many display advertisers use only clicks instead of view-through measurement to track their results.

Register for this webinar to better understand the value and necessity of view-through conversions (VTCs) and learn best practices to drive more profitable display ad spend.

In this 1 hour webinar and Q&A, you’ll learn:

  • The rationale for measuring your display and social campaigns using view-through conversions
  • Overcoming objections for measuring and making decisions on view-throughs
  • Two easy steps for setting up your view-through conversions for maximum accuracy and value


Brian Sim

Brian Sim,
Product Marketing Manager,
Marin Software

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