The Path to Mobile Advertising Success


Marin is happy to be joined by Google for a webinar on how the landscape of mobile ads is shifting to help you earn conversions and reach your most valuable audience.

Whether you’re a skeptic who doesn’t see a reason for mobile to be a top priority, an advertiser unclear on how mobile bid adjustments work, or a seasoned mobile marketer looking for advanced recommendations to help improve your mobile game plan, Google’s outlook on the future of mobile and Marin’s mobile-optimized advertising strategies will set you on the path to mobile success.

In this 1 hour webinar and Q&A, you’ll learn about:

  • The latest mobile bid adjustment features, how they’re used, and why mobile is important
  • Bidding & optimization tactics to increase your conversions and ROI
  • How path to purchase has changed as we progress into a multiscreen world
  • How to determine the right conversion types and data signals to measure



Hoiling Wong
Neni Pogarcic,
Global Search Lead,

Hoiling Wong,
Product Marketing Manager,
Marin Software

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